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  • Méchoui d'agneau à Gatineau
  • Méchoui d'agneau à domicile à hull
  • Méchoui de Porc à domicile à Gatineau

Gatineau Spit Roast :

The specialized caterer in spit roast in the Ottawa-Outaouais region!

Over the years, Gatineau Spit Roast has developed a unique expertise in cooking meat over a wood fire.

Gatineau Spit Roast is the only one in the region to offer:

  • The show of cooking the meat over a wood fire at home (house, cottage, business)
  • Cooking pork, lamb and goat in full size animal
  • Cooking on the side of the fire, contrary to the above that would carbonize the meat due to the fat which activates the flames
  • A professional and courteous service
  • Professional equipment which allows us to operate in the sun or rainy day
  • Flexibility, both in the service and menu

The spit roast is the perfect meal for many types of events because it is festive and spectacular :

  • Rustic wedding
  • Birth anniversary
  • Family celebration
  • Office party
  • House or cottage party


Gatineau Spit Roast

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